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The old house, owned by the grandparents, which, deteriorated by time, required a good investment to avoid its collapse. It was decided to demolish it and, taking advantage of its materials as far as possible, build a new house with all the comforts of modern houses and in the style of rustic town houses.

In this way, part of the thick stone walls was used to make the window and door frames and the bottoms with that same carved stone, the old structural wooden beams were used to place in dining rooms simulating wrought iron with rustic vaults, new ones were forged balconies and bars, it was decorated with socarrats typical of the time and with handmade tiles creating what is now La Casa del Carrebaix.


The terrace was also paved, a kitchen bench, a sink and a barbecue were built and children's games were placed.


In this way it became the house that you can enjoy today, maintained with all the love so that you do not lack detail.

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