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The old house, owner by the grandparents was deteriorated by the years, so a good investment was necessary to prevent its collapse.The family decided to tear down the house, trying to reuse the old materials as much as possible, to build up a new house with all the facilities of a modern house but keeping the rustic style of a town house.

In this way, part of the stone walls were kept to build up the windows and doors frames and also the ground floor of the house.


The wooden beams from the old structure were also reused in the dining rooms to simulate the vaults of a rustic house. with the new balconies that were forged, the new decoration with “socarrats” typical from the time and the hand-made tiles it is what makes “La Casa del Carrebaix” as it is today.


In addition, the terrace was paved, a new kitchen desk and a barbecue were built and a playground were put outside the house.


This is how it becomes the house that you can enjoy today, kept will love so you don´t miss any details.

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