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Inland town near the coast, to the north of the province of Alicante, close to the province of Valencia, with 2,500 inhabitants that preserves the good life and tranquility of inland towns even though it is barely 11 km from tourist beaches.

Although small and with friendly people, you can find all the comforts in it, from a hypermarket to bars and restaurants, from a medical center and pharmacy to banks and ATMs, typical and artisan shops, any service you could wish for.

A town with an agricultural and pottery tradition where several pottery company kilns still remain, including the pottery neighborhood par excellence where jugs and pans were made in the past, Orbeta.

This area, occupied by the Moors and repopulated by Mallorcans, has had, and continues to have, many influences, gastronomically we can find, from a fantastic couscous, high-quality sobrassadas and sausages, fresh fish and seafood from the Denia market (red shrimp from Denia) and of course delicious paellas going through a lot of typical dishes of the area such as buns, coques, arros en fesols and naps or penques, arros al forn or Easter olletes. Great variety of dishes with which to enjoy during your stay.


A large part of the infrastructure previously necessary for the functioning of the town has been preserved, 2 natural springs with their washing places and drinking troughs, the entire system of irrigation ditches incorporated by the Moors, etc... The patron saint festivities of Orba are celebrated in honor of the Virgin de los Desamparados on the 2nd Sunday of May. The Christ of Orbeta (orba district with a pottery tradition that still preserves the essence of the 16th century in which it was founded) which is celebrated on the 2nd weekend of July. Popular festivities in Orba: “bous al carrer” (traditional and peculiar bullfights of heifers in the street without sacrifices and which provide great fun), berbenas, popular meals in the streets of the town, etc. that are celebrated from the last Saturday of July to the first of August.

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