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Orba is a village close to the Mediterranean coast, at the North of the Alicante province and very close to Valencia. It has a population of 2.500 that preserves the good living and the peace of the inland villages, although it is only 11km away of the tourist beachesAlthough it is small and friendly, you can find all kind of facilities in Orba, restaurants and bars, medical service, pharmacy, or any service you might need.


The village has a tradition in agriculture and pottery, where you can still find several furnaces of pottery companies. It has even a potter neighborhood, Orbeta, where time ago jars and pots were manufactured.

This area was occupied by the Moors and repopulate by people from Mallorca, so it has many influences from these cultures. Gastronomically we can find from couscous, “sobrasada” of high quality, fresh fish and seafood from Denia (“gamba roja of Denia”) and of course, delicious “paella”. High variety of dishes to enjoy during your stay.The village also has all the water system made by the Moorish with all the irrigations channels, two natural fountains with sinks and troughs, etc.


The local festivities of Orba are held in honor of the Virgin of the homeless (“Virgen de los desamparados”) the 2nd Sunday of May. The Crist of “Orbeta” (a district of Orba with pottery tradition that still preserves the essence of the 16th century when it was founded) is celebrated the 2nd week of July. Another festivities that are held in Orba are the “bous al carrer” (bulls on the street), that consists in free young bulls running on the streets without sacrifice them, that provides great fun to the people running in front of them, typical meals prepared on the streets, etc. that are held the last week of July.

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